What benefits does our MES solution offer?

Solutions for rational production

Our field of competence is production-related information technology with a focus on control technology for complex production plants and their networking. The optimisation of automatic quality assurance also falls within our area of expertise. In addition, we automate upstream and downstream equipment at your production facilities - including feed, logistics or disposal systems. Through the use of robots, modern sensor technology and ergonomically perfected visualisations, we are able to secure and accelerate the work processes in every production plant.

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As manufacturing companies nowadays increasingly have to combine strong individualisation with flexible series production, MKW GmbH has developed an ideal solution for precisely these challenges: MES made by MKW. Our innovative software surprises with a variety of features that have never before been so compressed in one programme. MES intervenes at the operations control level, enabling fast and efficient management, guidance and control of production in real time. The software is directly connected to the distributed heterogeneous systems of process automation and uses the process, product and operating data of the machines. Existing data from the ERP system can be used by the MES made by MKW and used, for example, for the detailed planning of orders. The integration of modules such as Warehouse Management and Human Resources completes the integration of the MES made by MKW. With the targeted query of OEE key figures, the MES made by MKW is therefore an ideal tool for the return on investment for every company.

The special advantages of our MES made by MKW include, among other things, its flexible adaptability to any system. Independent of the production area and the size of the production plant, the programme is customised for the respective order. In this way, the flexible software can be easily integrated into all processes.
Together with our ERP partner, enowa AG, we provide our customers with innovative software as well as years of expertise and highly specialised know-how in this field. Through competent consulting services, we find individually tailored solutions, exactly tailored to your needs.

Get the most out of your processes with MES made by MKW and perfect your workflows.