3D Printing

3D printing is an innovative technology that has become increasingly important in recent years and we will continue to be more relevant in the future. Additive manufacturing is ideal for producing spare parts, prototypes or smaller models. There are different processes that use different materials and material shapes.

3D Print /Rapid-Prototyping / Rapid-Manufacturing

.. these are only three possibilities to name the revolutionary procedure for construction and development. 3D printing offers many new possibilities in the areas of development, design and prototyping. Often referred to as the "4th Industrial Revolution.

At MKW, we have the ability to produce prototypes or small brackets and covers using our own 3D printer. Our printer works with the melt coating process and has a footprint of 203x203x305 mm. The material we use is ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadien-Styrol-Copolymer) which is also used for Lego bricks. As standard we print your models in black, dark grey and ivory. On request, other colors such as orange, white, red, olive green, yellow, blue are also possible. However, we do not have these in stock. Layer by layer there is the possibility to create multi-colored 3D models. We offer the possibility to print your orders in two different resolutions. The layer thickness in the fine setting is 0.1778 mm per layer, in the coarse setting it is 0.2540 mm. The print head contains two nozzles, each of which prints the model or the support material. After the model has hardened, the support material is washed out in a special bath at 70°C and thus removed.

Possibilities of additive manufacturing

Through additive manufacturing, designs can be realized that are not feasible with conventional manufacturing methods. This opens up completely new possibilities in classical mechanical engineering and in particular in special machine construction. Material savings and lightweight designs are easily possible with 3D printing. The material variety is very large and will continue to grow over time. With us, you have the choice of whether your product is to be made of precious metal, ceramics or plastic. Due to our experience with the creation of designs for additive manufacturing, we can consistently implement your wishes and ideas.