Der Haupteingang der MKW GmbH in Wuppertal

Bakery machines

MKW GmbH is also present with its plants in the food industry. Especially industrial bakeries use our fully automatic bakery plants in the production

Experience with industrial bakery machines for many years

For more than ten years, as a partner of the company Rego Herlitzius, we have been carrying out the programming and commissioning of industrial bakery machines and therefore have great experience in this field.

A total solution of MKW

With the acquisition of the industrial bakery machinery division of Rego Herlitzius, we now provide our customers with a total solution and continue the business under the renowned Herlitzius brand. Starting with the feeding of the machines with bakery products, over the cutting and portioning by means of precise cutting units, up to the transport. In addition, we integrate palletizing systems with robots from renowned manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Kuka or ABB. All automated and designed for your needs. This ensures a particularly efficient work with high quantities. We use the latest control technology and attach great importance to good operability.

The new SBA 3000 Gen 2020

The SBA 3000 Gen 2020 impresses with its clean and hygienic design and can be expanded on a modular basis. The entire work area (food area) is accessible from the front and completely separated from the rear drive area (non-food area). This simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the system and reduces work accidents to a minimum. The conveyor belts of the portioner can be adjusted in just a few steps to allow easy disassembly of individual components in the work area. The top and bottom conveyors of this maintenance-friendly sliced bread machine can also be pulled out completely to the front and removed.

Commercially available bread types up to a maximum length of 3000mm can be processed on the line. The breads must not be wider than 240mm or higher than 150mm. The top transport can be adjusted to the height of the bread loaf via a servo axis. The gearbox of the circular knife allows it to rotate around its own axis, and the knife also performs an oscillating movement. At up to 600 cuts/minute, the blade cuts through the loaves of bread, delivering clean cut edges and consistent bread slice thicknesses. The loaves can be sliced from 4-15mm and then dispensed in stacks from 28 up to 90mm high.

At a glance

  • High performance circular knife bread slicer
  • Up to 600 rpm
  • Separate food and non-food area
  • Working chamber can be heated up to 55°C
  • Fully automatic bread feeder
  • Oiling depending on the type of bread
  • simplified maintenance and cleaning

Flexible options of the new SBA 3000

Since every hall layout is different and the existing plant space should be used as optimally as possible, we offer our customers various options when configuring the new SBA 3000 Gen 2020.

For example, the control cabinet can either be installed externally or directly above the cutting machine. The cutting room itself can be designed with 1 or 2 channels, and for the top transport we can install transport chains instead of a conveyor belt on request. Accumulating cutting residues and waste are removed via a belt system or alternatively collected in drawers. To guarantee consistent portion sizes, it is possible to install a scale behind the portioner. A turning star subsequently turns over the portioned packages. Optionally, the MKW can also supply the bread and carry out further processing.

In a special version of the SBA 3000 Gen 2020, we supply our customers with a separate, insulated housing for the system. The working chamber can be heated up to 55°C in order to kill possible fungal spores.

the classic: Fully automated bread cutter „SBA Rotec 3000"

Our machines deliver best cutting quality and performance with minimum cutting losses. Continuous and individual blade lubrication achieves an ideal slicing result for almost any type of bread.

The cutting thickness can be variably adjusted according to requirements.

  • High performance circular blade bread cutter
  • Up to 600 slices per minute
  • Rotation independent cutting speed and interpolating servo drive technology
  • A wide range of recipes can be saved
  • Fully automated bread feed
  • Bread type depending variable oiling unit
  • Bread height controlling
  • remote maintenance via Ethernet

Strip roller system „Format 3000“

Our machines can form dough strands up to 3000 mm long. The dough is uniformly rolled and pressed out with exact weight. Thus, portions of dough of the same size can be reproduced with the highest quality. In addition, the dough strands can be top- and bottom-floured. This is selected separately and controlled separately. The dough strands are then deposited on conveyor belts and transported out of the plant.

  • To place strips on belts, tins or fermentation baskets
  • Useful length up to 3000 mm
  • Servo controlled extruder
  • Teflon coated dough hopper
  • Multiple seeding possible
  • A wide range of recipes can be saved
  • remote maintenance via Ethernet
  • Easy cleaning by adaptable, removable extrusion unit
  • Up to 300 bread strips per hour