Der Haupteingang der MKW GmbH in Wuppertal

Contract manufacturing

Our company has its own modern machine park, where the focus is on CAD/CAM workstations. We keep all important means of production available.

Modern machinery and contract manufacturing

The large production capacity allows us to carry out machining work as a subcontractor in addition to special machine construction.

In doing so, we make use of our modern machinery. This enables the professional production of your desired workpieces.

Our experience in the construction of special purpose machines and our technical know-how enable us to produce individual and high-precision components on schedule, because components must fit. This also applies to the quality of the materials and their processing.

The following machines are used in our production:

  • CNC-turning up to 350mm diameter and 1.000mm length
  • CNC milling on a 3-axis milling machine for workpieces up to dimensions of 1.000x500x300mm
  • CNC milling on a 5-axis milling machine for workpieces up to dimensions of 3.000x800x700mm
  • Grinding machine
  • various manual processing machines for turning, milling, drilling, cutting etc.

CNC manufacturing

On our CNC lathe we can process workpieces up to 350mm diameter and 1.000mm length. The maximum dimensions of the workpieces that can be produced on the 3-axis milling machine are 1,000x500x300mm, those of the 5-axis milling machine 3,000x800x700mm.

5-axis means that in addition to the linear X, Y and Z axes, two rotary axes are also used. This allows more variations in component production than a milling machine with three axes. Since the tool can be moved to the workpiece at almost any angle, complex 3D shapes can be realized (3D milling). All this without reclamping the workpiece. This increases the efficiency of the milling machine and production times are reduced.